2018 in Review, Looking Forward to 2019

Hello, fellow readers! If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that I always try to make a looking back and looking forward post at the end or beginning of each year. I love seeing what goals or reading trends other readers have each year, so I thought I would share my own with all of you. I hope you have all had a good reading year in 2018, but even if you did not, here’s hoping 2019 is better for everyone!

In 2018, I found a spreadsheet that I could fill out and track my readings statistics throughout the year. Although I am sure that other readers have made these, I downloaded my template from Portal in the Pages on YouTube. This spreadsheet tracked basic book information, author information, reading statistics, my TBR pile, and much more. This would be a very long post if I shared everything I tracked, so I will share what stats I found most interesting.


To begin with, I read 58 books with a total of 22,579 pages in 2018. This was a decrease from 2017 and 2016 in which I read 79 and 130 books, respectively. I anticipated this decrease in reading because I started a new job and was extremely busy with other things. Overall, I am happy with reading 58 books, but I would like to read more in 2019.


Of those 58 books, none received 1 star, and eight books received 5 stars. I usually have at least a few 1 star ratings, but I was more picky about what books I read in 2018. This was also my first full year without any required reading for school, so I did not rate many books low since I picked them myself.


Looking at genre, it was no surprise that I read mostly fantasy this year because that is my go-to genre every year. My second most read genre was historical fiction, which was slightly surprising. Graphic novels followed close behind. One of my 2018 reading goals was to read more nonfiction. I read more than past years, but I am unhappy with how little I read compared to how many more I have on my TBR. I plan to continue my goal of reading more nonfiction in 2019. I was surprised that nearly 10% of my reading was in the horror genre. I’ve been a chicken about horror for most of my life, but I have recently dipped my toe into the genre with pleasant results. So far, I have 10 horror novels on my TBR for 2019, so I am curious how my reading percentages will change next year.


Another of my 2018 goals was to read more diversely. I noticed in past years that most of the authors I read were white males from the United States or the UK. I would give myself maybe a C+ on this goal. I read more female authors for sure (however, no no-binary authors at all), and I read more books by POC than past years. I would like to read 50/50 white/POC authors in the future. From what I can remember of my reading, most of the POC authors I read were from Asia. I read some books from African American authors, but not as many as I planned to. As you can see from the bottom chart, most authors were from North America, then Europe, followed closely by Asia, and just a sliver from Oceania. In 2019, I hope to read from more different areas of the world and continue to read more female and POC authors. Luckily, women and POC authors are becoming more and more common in my go-to genre of fantasy.

To wrap up, I want to continue with my 2018 goals into 2019. This means reading more diverse authors, more nonfiction, and to branch out of my fiction comfort zones more. I will very likely do another spreadsheet like this next year because I found it extremely interesting to track all of these in-depth stats.

That’s it for me in 2018! See you all next year! 🙂