Merry Christmas and the Future of the Blog

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day if you celebrated it. I stayed home again this year because some family members were sick, but it was a nice quiet time in. I rewatched the Lord of the Rings with my cats and husband while having hot pot, so it was pretty great.

Now then, you’ve probably noticed that this year has been the worst for my reviews being on time. Some of that has been due to the new job I got last April. I was very busy, and I just didn’t feel like reading when I had time off. Then I’d feel guilty about not reading. This led to me reading something quickly and writing up a hurried review, which I hated doing. I like to take time with my reviews and try to say something unique and of value, but that hasn’t been happening. My reviews feel stale, even to me. Also, I’ve also been wanting to reread old favorites or read books that I normally wouldn’t review because they are older releases or are classics. All of this put a lot of unnecessary pressure on my reading, which made it unenjoyable, which made me avoid it. I think you all see where this is going…

I’ve had this blog longer, but I didn’t try to make much of it until 2015. I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met, the new books and authors I’ve discovered, and the all the comments/views I’ve gotten over the years, but I will be taking a break from the blog in 2022. I will not be closing the blog completely (though you might notice some ads now that I downgraded my website payment plan), but I want to take more time to read for me this year. I plan to still write a few posts here and there throughout the year if I read something I’d like to share with you all, but the posts will not be consistent like they once were. I’m sorry to everyone who enjoyed my content, and I truly appreciate all the interaction I’ve gotten from readers over the years. This isn’t the end by any means, but I just need some time to fall in love with reading again.

Please feel free to friend or follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading. You can also find my profiles on the social media sites linked on this page.

Thank you all so much for so many great years of reading! Here’s to a better 2022 for us all! Farewell for now and happy reading! 🙂

A Short Hiatus

Hello, friends.

As you might have noticed, last week I missed a review upload, and unfortunately, I won’t be uploading a review this week either. I am hoping to be back on track with a new review on May 8th.

If you are curious why, well, I started a new job! I actually started the new job while working my other jobs, I was still taking a class online, and the new job has a steep learning curve, so I have had zero time or will to read anything, sadly. However, I’ve now left both of my part-time jobs (yay!), and I finished my graduate certificate (double yay!), and I’m getting a handle on the work load of the new job. So, everything should calm down soon.

Thanks for your patience. I can’t wait to read something again.


Bookstore Tour Vol. 1 – Toronto, Ontario

Hi friends! I love traveling, and one of my favorite things to do while traveling is to check out the local bookstores. I would like to start a small series of posts where I tell all of you about the unique stores I come across on my travels. These posts won’t come up often, but I hope you enjoy them! If you any suggestions for bookstores I may have missed or suggestions for cities that have a lot of bookstores, let me know!

Over Memorial Day weekend I took a trip to Toronto, Ontario with my boyfriend. Because we are both book lovers, we devoted one whole day to a bookstore tour! We visited several stores, but here are the four that we liked the best. Please click the name of the store to visit its website for more information, address, and hours.

Type Books


Type Books has a lot of personality. The store itself is bright and colorful. It is also a bit bigger than I expected from the size of the storefront. Curated shelves line the outer walls and themed table displays cover the shop floor. When we visited, there were table displays for an insane amount of unique cookbooks; wall displays for small, fun, animal books; shelves for new releases; and tags highlighting staff picks. Type does events, and as their namesake implies, there are old typewriters placed around the store. Type’s shelves are populated by beautiful editions of a large variety of titles. There is a large children’s section in the back of the store. They even have some magazines, if that is your thing.

The Monkey’s Paw


The Monkey’s Paw is very unique bookstore. While Type has a large variety of book in many genres both new and old, The Monkey’s Paw specializes in “old and unusual” books. As you can see from the picture to the right, they do have a lot of old books in a variety of conditions and editions. But don’t let The Monkey’s Paw’s muted color scheme put you off. The shop and its selection are quite small, but you could find something very special if you take the time to look around. They have everything from bizarre self-help books to vintage penguin classics to crumbling children’s readers.


The Monkey’s Paw also has a book vending machine. At the time of our visit, three Canadian dollars gets you a token. Insert the token into the machine to receive one “old and unusual” book. To the left you can see me being a blatant tourist by showing off our vending machine loot. My token got me a children’s book called Two Boys of the Battleship, and my boyfriend’s token got him some kind of nonfiction title called The Duality of Vision. Not bad for six dollars I guess! If you like old, weird books, this is the store for you. Although this shop was not our favorite, it was just so weird that we had to include it. It smells like old books (as you would expect), and the shop workers were very friendly too.

Bakka Phoenix


Bakka Phoenix is a bookstore that has only sci-fi and fantasy books. So, yes, it was automatically my favorite. Unfortunately, we did not get very many interesting pictures of the store. It was crowded for one (as it should be), but it did not have as much aesthetic personality as some of the other stores we visited. What Bakka Phoenix does have is a huge selection of fantasy and sci-fi titles. One large portion of the front wall is full of new releases with some staff comments. One of the back shelves is devoted solely to staff picks (they have good taste). There is also a downstairs area of the store that has some used books, mass market paperbacks, and media tie-in books/merchandise (think Warhammer, Doctor Who). I was pleased that Bakka Phoenix had many mainstream titles, but they also had a good selection of things I had never heard of before. If you love sci-fi and fantasy as much as I do, you need to go here.

The Sleuth of Baker Street

Last, but certainly not least, is The Sleuth of Baker Street. This is another themed bookstore specializing only in mystery books. This store is also small in size, but it is packed with books. See the picture below? If you turned the camera around there would be just as many books on the other side of the store. There is also a super cute shop dog and a very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate staff who seem to know exactly where every book is located in the store. My boyfriend and I both asked for recommendations from the staff, and we came home with two books each from the store. The Sleuth of Baker Street was definitely my second favorite store of the trip because of the staff. THIS is why we need independent bookstores!


An Apology


Apologies to anyone wondering where my posts are or anyone concerned about me falling off the face of the internet. I moved during April, finished my M.A. work a week ago, am graduating this Friday, and am now preparing for a trip to Hong Kong this weekend. I have a few posts on the way for the next few weeks (and plan to read a lot on my 16 hour plane ride) so I should begin to post consistently again!

Happy reading,