The Grownup

tgbygfI picked this up on a whim. I know that I will probably enjoy Gillian Flynn, but I haven’t been reading much lately and haven’t been willing to commit to reading a full novel. This novella (short story?) is only sixty pages and printed as a small book so it is extremely short and I read it in one sitting. It follows a nameless female narrator and her experience as a soft-core sex worker and psychic. Things begin to get complicated when one of her clients requests her help in “cleansing” a possibly haunted house.

I will start by saying I enjoyed this short story, but it was not spectacular. It was very open ended. The idea was interesting and the characters had potential, but I was left unsatisfied by the ending. I often enjoy open ended endings, but this felt too open. The story could have easily continued. It felt unfinished or like the author’s train of thought/interest in the plot died off. I really liked her writing style and sense of humor though. Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to introduce myself to Gillian Flynn, but it certainly won’t put me off reading more of her work.

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